Niels Scherpenkate

Game Developer & Designer

About Me

I was born in the year 1992 and since I was a small child I have always been interested in technology and playing games. That has grown into a love for building PCs and designing and developing games.

I have a degree in Media Design, and I have skills in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. In addition, I have more than 8 years of experience with Unity in combination with C # and in early 2022 I've graduated as a Software Engineer at the HBO ICT course at Windesheim Flevoland in Almere.

I see myself as an all-round game designer / developer because I can build and make all the elements of a game myself. I have worked in many project teams for school assignments, but I also enjoy working solo.

    My skills

  • Unity 3D
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Programming Languages

  • C#
  • PHP
  • HTML
  • CSS

C# Projects

My recent development projects.

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VR Platform Dashboard for Windows

Windows Application (WPF) made with C#. This application is used by students and teachers in an educational environment during classes with VR. The purpose of this application is for students and teachers to have all necessary VR apps easily accessible. The application excists of an user app as well as an admin app to customize the apps and categories shown in the user dashboard.

  • Launch apps from the dashboard
  • Customize the dashboard from the admin panel
  • Create categories
  • Made with WPF for Windows

Windows Application

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VR Reanimatie

An educational VR CPR game made during my internship in my last year of studying. This project was made during a span of 5 months including all the research, designing and developing. The targeted device for this project was the Valve Index. Everything was done by myself as a solo developer. Please check out the video.

  • Learn while you go
  • Answer questions
  • Get feedback
  • Practice and hone your real life CPR skills

Educational Game

Watch video

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Yatzy 3D

Yatzy 3D - Free Dice Game is a combination of Yahtzee, Dice, Strategy, Luck, Customization and real physics in a 3D simulation. Complete game with achievements, leaderboards and in-app purchases.

  • Yahtee Dice Game
  • Customizable Dice
  • Slow Motion
  • Multiplayer (Pass and Play)
  • Leaderboards

Google Play Store

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Penta Wars

A strategy game with a lot of different combinations of playing styles. Have a strategy, adapt to the situation and conquer the battlefield! A multiplayer game made with Photon Unity Networking for Android.

  • Deploy units
  • Make your own combiations
  • Defeat the enemy units
  • Make your units stronger
  • Conquer the battlefield

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Guiding Light

Guiding Light is a cooperative game made in 20 weeks during the minor Game Design & Development at the Hogeschool Rotterdam in which you and a friend work for the Intergalactic Crash Unit. It’s your job to rescue stranded aliens from all kinds of sticky situations. One player is an alien who goes down to the planet to execute the rescue operation, while the other pilots the UFO to help guide the alien on the ground. Using your different points of view and abilities you need to work together to complete your rescue mission.

  • Cooperative!
  • Aliens!

Steam page

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Katan Map Generator

This is a Katan map generator prototype I've build. So far all tiles and numbers are randomly placed without any algorithm. As a future update, it would be nice to add procedurally generated rivers, lakes and biomes. I might get back at it in the nearby future.

  • Seven uniquely created tiles
  • Randomly placed tiles
  • Randomly placed numbers
  • Board can be any size (within the power limitations of your PC ofcourse).
  • Prototype

Game tool

This prototype has been made for my own educational training purposes. Its not a real thing YET.

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Boom Bust Inc.

In collaboration with Positive Money New Zealand, we created Boom Bust Inc during our internship at Pillar Games to raise awareness about the destructive way many big banks operate. Players take on the role of a fresh new bank employee, learning how to squeeze the local economy for all that it’s worth. This app was made by four people during an internship at Pillar Games in 2019.

  • Banking simulator
  • Buy more property
  • Earn money!
  • Try to keep everyone happy

Strategy Game

Watch a lets play!

Go to official website

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Valpreventie VR

Fall prevention VR is an app that helps the elderly learn the theoretical part of a fall prevention course. The elderly test in a virtual world where they must recognize and approach dangers. The counselor can watch what the elderly sees through the glasses and in this way the counselor can support and guide the elderly. The progress is remembered, and this makes the progression transparent for the supervisor. This app was made by two people during an internship at Q42 in 2020.

Serious Game

This app is currently still in development by Q42.



Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop designs